Robert Sakado

Robert Sakado

Chef Robert Sakado was born and raised in Stockton, California, and though he didn’t always envision his future as a chef he has spent much of his life, personally and professionally, in kitchens. While his resume begins as a fast-food manager in high school, he grew up in the industry. With cooks on both sides of his family and his father was always including him in the family cooking, Chef Robert developed a palate and prowess for creativity at a young age.

In 2011 he left his management job and took a pantry position at Taste Restaurant & Wine Bar in Plymouth,CA under his culinary teacher Mark Berkner. At Taste he worked his way up the ranks, learning the basics from sauce work to butchery and everything in between. Eventually he led their catering team and added kitchen management and menu design to his repertoire. After Taste, while working at the new Golden 1Center, he simultaneously started a catering company, American RiverProvisions, with two colleagues. The company hosted pop-ups and sold goods, and eventually were catering events at Courtyard de Oro as well as their own private events. However, he missed working in fine dining and when a gardemanger position opened at Allora in 2019 he took the opportunity. 

Over the years Chef Robert has found inspiration in the kitchen and a passion for food and the full dining experience. He credits his various positions within the industry with teaching him how to work hard and constantly learn and improve, and he strives to show his own son those same values. At Allora he says he has a found a family and home, and in 2019 was promoted to Sous Chef. 

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