Taryn Beltz


Taryn jokes that she was born into hospitality. Her parents were both in the industry when she was born, and her father went on to open the service-driven Moxie restaurant in Sacramento. Moxie’s menu read, “if it’s in the building or close by, we’ll make it for you.” Growing up in that environment, Taryn learned the meaning of hospitality from a very young age, and she loved everything about it. After working for her father for many years, she moved around and eventually landed under the wings of Patrick and Bobbin Mulvaney at Mulvaney’s B&L. There she expounded on her knowledge and understanding of customer service. She worked as a server, bartender, manager, and events coordinator being awarded “Best Server” by the Sacramento Bee, and even going to New York to serve at the James Beard House. 


After 12 years at the B&L, Taryn felt pulled to expand her knowledge of what the very best food and service looked and felt like.  She grew fascinated with Michelin star restaurants and visited three Michelin three-star restaurants, as well as dozens of one-star and two-star Michelin rated restaurants. When she heard that Allora had an opening, she jumped on the opportunity. Taryn knew it was a place she could nurture her craft and amplify her knowledge of great food, wine, spirits, and hospitality. She is currently working on her Italian Wine Scholar Certification through Wine Scholar Guild, and learning and studying under Elizabeth-Rose, Allora’s Advanced Sommelier and partner. When she’s not at work or studying, Taryn is spending time with her sassy daughter, Leona, and her wonderfully supportive husband, Chris.

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